Meet Megan

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MGA little about Miss Meghan Gamber…

Meghan is 32 years old, single (Dr Warren is giving up on me) and resides in West Hollywood. Meghan has found her dream job in publicity. As Associate Vice President of Worldwide Film Publicity for the entertainment agency, ROGERS & COWAN, she promotes and markets films to domestic and international audiences. In 2002, Meghan was asked to be a bridesmaid in one of her closest friends wedding. Although the shortest of the bridesmaids, Meghan at 51 and 138 pounds, was the largest girl in the party, fitted for a size 12 dress. The experience literally weighed on her, proving to be the final wake-up call she needed after years of struggling with her weight. Four months later, she was 28 pounds lighter. Seven years later, she has kept all the weight off, wears a size 2 or 4, as her Banana Republic monthly bills regularly reflect, and attends spinning and pilates classes 4 5x a week. Her

Her Hobbies:

In her spare time, Meghan enjoys the quintessential LA outdoor lifestyle -biking, hiking, al fresco dining, weekend beach visits as well as traveling, writing, watching films and reading. A reality TV show habit also tends to keep her occupied. Shhh.

Her Favorite Music:

She listens to whatever Ryan Seacrest plays

Sinful Sweet Tooth:

I love chocolate, its my weakness. Ive given up diet soda successfully and am slowing learning that life without coffee is tolerable, although Vitamin 10 Water is my new vice. Due to work and my status as a Singleton, I go out pretty often and the regular wine habit makes losing weight a bit of a challenge. I practice portion control and pack my breakfast and lunch daily because I need the discipline. If I could eat the bread basket, I would.but I dont. And I steer clear from pizza, pasta and cereal as I never quite learned how to say no.


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