What’s the Sugar-Free Challenge You Ask?

It’s the healthy lifestyle that gets you off of poisonous refined sugar substances and introduces you to natural, unrefined sugars that keep your body well. Fitness and Lifestyle expert, Ana Caban founded the Sugar-Free Challenge upon being frustrated by not fitting into her favorite jeans. After proven results from the completion of her 30 day challenge she not only fits into her jeans, but also restored her energy to it’s maximum performance and no longer has an addiction and dependency on refined sugars. The Sugar-Free Challenge website’s mission is to guide as many people as possible through the detoxication of refined sugars and introduce healthier alternatives. This month, Ana Caban will be taking a group of people in L.A. through her challenge and will be documenting each step of the way. Stay tuned to watch the progress and feel free to comment and leave questions. We guarantee that all questions will answered within 48hrs. Thanks for joining slong. Sugar-Free here we come!!!

How did it start?

I started created Ana Cabán’s Sugar-Free Challenge in a last ditch effort to drop a few pounds that I gained after my son was born, a little less than a year ago.  I was having a coffee with my friend, Claudette, when I just blurted out “I think that I am going to go off sugar.  And I am going to start tomorrow, May 1st.  And I am going to do it on YouTube, that way I will really be held accountable” (with the entire world potentially watching, and all).


Well, I have always considered myself a healthy eater (one would expect as much from a Fitness & Lifestyle expert*).  I mean, I almost exclusively drink water, I rarely eat fried foods, I eat several small meals throughout the day, (and I exercise quite a bit).  But truth be told, I have one downfall.  I love baked goods.  I want to believe that it was inherited (my dad loves sweets even more than I) and my brother is a diabetic, which means that we never rally had candy or desserts around the house.  But no one really knows why.  (What’s comforting is knowing that I am not alone).

What is Ana Cabán’s Sugar-Free Challenge?

Basically, by doing my Sugar-Free Challenge I am committing to avoid ingesting refined sugar, to the extend possible, in my daily life.  I figure that if I can’t run into the local mini-mart to buy a sweet baked snack I will be less apt to eat one.  It’s not that I will never allow myself to eat a sweet treat, I do.  I am just avoiding refined sugar.  That means that I am enjoying sugar in various other, more natural, forms.  (See good unrefined sugar alternatives for examples).  I have found a few places in L.A. where I can enjoy a baked dessert made with sugars in their more natural states.  I have even baked sweet treats at home, using unrefined sugar.  So I have still been able to enjoy a sweet treat, here and there.

What is refined sugar?

Refined sugar has to do with the way in which the sugar source (whether it be beet, sugar cane, etc) is processed.  The refining processes may include the repeated processes of washing, boiling, centrifuging, filtering and drying.  During these processes nearly all of the plant’s nutritional elements are lost. What remains in the raw sugar product is 95% sucrose along with nutritionally insignificant minerals.  In other words, refined sugar has basically no nutritional value.

But isn’t all sugar bad?

Sugar is a natural substance.  It exists in nature.  Fruit grows all around us.  Our palates were made to enjoy salty, savory, spicy and sweet flavors.  I have found that consuming small amounts of sugar is fine for me.  However, I really do notice that I enjoy more (and metabolize better) unrefined sugar than refined sugar.  I no longer enjoy the taste of coffee prepared with white (refined) table sugar.  I much prefer to drink my coffee with a bit of organic evaporated cane sugar.

How can I join Ana Cabán’s Sugar-Free Challenge?

Anyone can join my Sugar-Free Challenge (SFC).  All you have to do is eliminate consuming refined sugar (to the best extend possible) and continue to visit this site for tips, inspiration, recipes and more.  I currently have a team of individuals , here in Los Angeles (Team Sugar-Free L.A.)  who wanted to join me in my SFC.  By visiting the site you can monitor not only my, but their, progress, too.  Team Sugar-Free L.A. is having get-togethers, workouts with me, conference calls and more.  If you want to feel involved with the Sugar-Free Challenge please email your comments to info@sugarfreechallenge.com and they may end up on the site.

I think that once you start my Sugar-Free Challenge you will like the way you look and feel.

In happiness and health,

Ana Cabán


Ana Cabán is neither a nutritionist, nor a medical professional.  She does not claim to counsel on nutrition.  She is a fitness and lifestyle professional who is sharing her experiences with those interested.  As with any eating or exercise regimen, please consult your physician prior to making any changes in your normal routine.


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  • 1. andi  |  June 3, 2009 at 6:23 am

    I just picked up your beginner pilates workout from the library. I love it. You really explain the movements and breathing better than any other pilates video. I got hit by a car back in November and have put on a few pounds because I am in able to run, hike and play sports like before my leg injury. I am super excited to start this new workout routine and cut out the refined sugar. I have a question: How much do I need to workout in order to fit into my favorite jeans again? Half hour a day? Hour? I have balooned to a size 8-10 from a size 4-6.


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